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McAfee is one of the best antivirus program for your PC, Mac®, and mobile devices. It provides Powerful Protection to your devices and all their content and also fight with unwanted infection which can harm user’s computer. User can protect their computer and network by installing it. User can download and install McAfee Antivirus program by visiting url:


Where do I find my McAfee product key?

McAfee product key is unique code that can help user to install and activate the McAfee Antivirus product on their computer. It is a 25-character alphanumeric string that will be available in group of 5 characters. The location of product key is depending on your purchase.

  1. If Purchase from retail store : If user purchased McAfee product from local vendor then they will get McAfee retail card, in backside of the card they will get the McAfee 25 digits McAfee activation code.
  2. If Purchase online : If user purchased it online, then they will receive the McAfee 25 digits McAfee activation code on registered email which they used to complete purchased.
McAfee 25 digits Activation code

McAfee 25 digits Activation code


How to Activate McAfee Product?

In order to Activate McAfee Product, follow the steps below:

  • Open Web-Browser
  • Visit URL:
  • Enter McAfee 25 digits product key
  • Sign-in with McAfee Account
  • Click on Continue to complete the activation
  • The product will be activated with your account now.


How to download and install my McAfee product?

In order to download McAfee Product, follow the steps below:

  • Visit URL:
  • Login with McAfee Account
  • Click on My Account and choose my subscription
  • Choose the product and platform where you want to install (Windows/ Mac)
  • Click on Add Device, then click on Download to complete the download process.
  • Allow the user agreement to complete the authentication which required to process.
  • Please not download the serial key which displayed on your screen for reference
  • Click on Download to begin with McAfee setup download process.
  • A setup file will download on your computer ( .exe for windows and .dmg for mac ).

In order to install McAfee Product, follow the steps below:

  1. Run setup file which you have downloaded.
  2. Click on ‘Yes’ to allow user control settings
  3. Click on Install button to start the process
  4. Once complete the installation, click on done
  5. It will take update & scan your computer for while
  6. After that, you will get message that “You Are all protected.”